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Hi, all member.

I am interfacing NRF24L01 wireless radio link  with DUE board using SPI protocol.

I am trying to transfer the 32 bit data using SPI to NRF24L01 at transmitter side and same at receiver side.

I have attached the test code, it is working ok. but the issue with this code is its too slower. it takes almost 20 seconds to transfer data from transmitter and receiver.

kindly correct me what is going wrong in the code. is there any way to send all this within 2 seconds?



Your for loops are broken, uint8_t is 8 bits, 23000 doesn't fit. Use uint16_t

You're sending 23000 arrays!
The 2nd for loop isn't needed, just do:


I would change 'd' to something with readable ASCII codes in it.


Ok, can u tell me what causes the data transfer slower? is it due to 2nd for loop as you mentioned? any scope in improving the transmission and reception speed.?


Fix the problems first and then tell us the time it takes, those for loops aren't even guaranteed to finish!

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