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Arduino Tank with Collision Avoidance.

This project is a prototype for my CPE301(microcontrollers)

Current Features:
Atmega328 programmed using Arduino
Pololu Trex Jr Motor Controller controlled via serial
Ultrasonic sensor mounted on a servo

When an obstacle is detected in front of the tank, it stops and scans 180 degrees.
It then goes toward direction where the furthest distance is detected.

youtube video

Future features:
Processing program that would display sensor readings.
It will display sonar reading for 180 degrees.
Automatic(using light sensor) and manual control of headlights.
Data would be transmitted using the Xbee
Wireless control using Xbee and any control module.

  • joystick control

  • wii nunchuck control

Mounted Camera for live video feed
RTC for time keeping
SD card for data logging
Pls feel free ask questions, leave comments, and suggestions.




That's pretty neat, lucky it didn't wind up down the stairs :)

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


Im very interested in your project, I'll try to do something simillar , the main problem for me is that
I dont know what components to buy for this project, I've got an ARDUINO UNO board , a pair of servo motors and some wheels.
What I need to buy more?
Do you know where to buy them?

thanks for all , the best regards!!


To avoid accidents involving the stairs, you could have a sensor that points forward and down, and if it sees that the floor has given away it will stop to investigate further before taking a tumble

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