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Hi everyone!

Im working on a project where im using xbees to wirelessly transmit data. i have two xbees sending data to control two separate lights to another xbee. Now this is where the problem is... When its all running one of the xbees seems to take precedence over the other causing the "lesser" light to be quite jerky... any suggestions?

I was thinking if i could change channels on the fly from the arduino then i could set the two sending ones to separate channels and switch the receiver between the two...

is it possible...

Cheers Jodpers


Perhaps the thing to do is to have the one XBee/Arduino make a request to the other two XBee/Arduino devices to get the data. Something like "Hey Joe, got some data" or "Yo, Sally, what's up"?. The Joe or Sally device (or whatever IDs you like) would respond with the appropriate data. Otherwise, they would be silent. That would prevent one from dominating the flow of information.
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Wow i feel dumb.... was thinking of all the wrong ways...
its pretty obvious now!

Thanks so much you are a star!


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