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I'm looking library or how to connect compass/barometer/temp to arduino
HopeRF  HDPM01
compass is working  (part of code from this http://cineon01.medien.uni-weimar.de/elektrowiki/Pavlos_Iliopoulos )
I can't read Pressure and Temperarure.
p.s. sorry for my english.


please post your code.

From the PDF:
The EEPROM and ADC is sharing the same I2C bus but with different chip address assigned. The
EEPROM chip address is set to 0xA1(in the case of read), write operation is not allowed. For AD part,
the chip address is set to 0xEE. So this module used two different addresses for calibration data and
AD converting data accessing. Calibration EEPROM data read operation is fully compatible to 24C02. 
Bus drive timing should be referred to the specification of this part as well

So the device has 3 different I2C addresses depending on which sensor you want to read. And some devices need  "subadressing" ( the EEPROM ) to get the data.

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