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This new product is simple but very useful.  The Digit Shield lets you easily add four 7-segment displays to your Arduino.  You may have seen a similar shield in the past, but this one is less that half the cost (only $22.95), open source, and very easy to use because I provided a library with a simple API.
All the details are at http://nootropicdesign.com/digitshield/

    + An easy-to-use open source library makes it very simple to display integers and floating point numbers.
    + Multiplexing of digits is implemented using a timer overflow interrupt handler for flicker-free display.
    + Only uses 4 Arduino pins (2,3,4,5).
    + All through-hole parts for easy kit assembly.  Also available fully assembled/tested.
    + Available in two display colors: cool, crisp green or blazing red-orange!

shieldlist.org offers a bounty (a Freetronics protoshield) for newly-reported shields.  I have not reported this new shield because I wanted to give someone else a chance to collect the bounty.  Who will report it first?


For a limited time, BLUE Digit Shields are available while supplies last.  These are extremely bright and can make your project look great!

More info here

Even though blue 7-segment displays are significantly more expensive than red or green, I'm offering assembled blue digit shields for the same price.


Hi Michael,

Love your boards.

I'm working on a 4-digit board myself at present (not a shield so no competition), there's something very satisfying about getting LEDs to work, much more so than LCDs :)

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


did you post it on - http://shieldlist.org/ - allready?
Rob Tillaart

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@Graynomad: Thanks!  I agree that LEDs are more fun.

@robtillaart: I did not submit it to shieldlist.org, but someone else may have.  The problem is that Jon Oxer has a many-month backlog of shield submissions that have not been posted on the site.  I submitted my Video Experimenter shield in March and it still is not on shieldlist.org!



I think your designs are awesome and makes things a lot easier to work with(expander and digit shield). I was meaning to ask you about using multiple Digit shields when I saw you have an article describing it on your website already. Would work well for what Im thinking.




That's great.  I had never thought of using multiple Digit Shields with an Arduino, but one of my customers had proposed the idea, so I enhanced the library to support it.  I've been so happy about the innovation that comes from my customers!


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