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Hi Krissta, great thread! I'm trying to do the same thing I think. I want to click the head back and forth really fast to play a tune.

After reading through this thread and various others I've confused my self a bit. Can you or anyone confirm if I am on the right lines?

I have been looking at the H-bridge SN754410 because I can get hold of them pretty cheaply and easily. Is this the kind of bridge I would need to control a VCM in a hard disk? Also look back to the picture you posted of lots of disks, does this only work with certain types of hard drive or generally any that use a VCM?

I have the following hard drive (with the lid off: http://i55.tinypic.com/15d9xqw.jpg) and after turning the arm upside down I found these two pins, does that look like I'm barking up the right tree? (http://i52.tinypic.com/2vb0iyt.jpg)

Many thanks for your time :)



Yeah I tested tons of different harddrives. The principal/approach worked with most of them. I believe it would work with all of them given you have access to the right pins. It's easier to get to on some. I also found that the 'above surface' kind sounded better, and were easier to work with. The one you have is kind of recessed in, which minimizes some of the sound of the platter/arm and makes it hard to get to the points.

I accessed my points where the ribbon meets the flat part, as if you solder right to those wires it will eventually break as it'd be moving all of the time.

I also used a straight up audio power amp to drive the VCM. So I'm going from the audio out of my computer into a home stereo, and the speaker out from that going into the HDs.

Hope that helps. And post any results you get!


Hello! I have recently started to look into the idea of using an Arduino to interface with an old hard drive spindle. I took apart an old 30GB Maxtor from an old mac tower but i've been having some issues. I looked through this thread, which was extremely informative but I was curious if anyone had a diagram of the schematic that was mentioned on the first page of this thread. Does anyone know of any good tutorial sites instead of just a video and a code example? I've been having a hard time with this and I its slowly getting to me that I can't figure it out. Any ideas?
- opkach



Sorry to necro this thread, but I got around to making a quick video recording of the stuff.


This is two HDs in "stereo" being driven by a home stereo and Max/MSP.

Hello, your link is dead. Can you fix it? Im surprised, you seem to be a good musician and electronic man, i didnt know it was existing!

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