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I am an Atmospheric Science student at the University of Nevada in Reno, Nevada. Our professor purchased the Arduino boards and a set of SCP1000 chips equipped with the barometric pressure/temperature sensor.

We successfully wired the chip to the Arduino board and are attempting to run the "BarometricPressureSensor" example sketch for use in a project. After successfully uploading the sketch to the Arduino board, we are having trouble interpreting the results:

100000   10000000
Pressure [Pa]=3687
100001   10000100
Temp[C]=26.6511111   1111100
100000   10000000
Pressure [Pa]=3690
100001   10000100
Temp[C]=26.5511111   1111100
100000   10000000
Pressure [Pa]=3677
100001   10000100
Temp[C]=26.6011111   1111100
100000   10000000
Pressure [Pa]=3663

The pressure, in Pascals, in Reno, Nevada should be about 850 millibars, or approximately 85 000 Pascals.

At first, we thought the sensor onboard the SCP1000 might be faulty, so we tried another sensor on another Arduino board and are getting the same values.

If you could provide some insight into the SCP1000 and this issue, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Nic Beres


How do you correct for altitude?

Get yourself a BMP085

Get the library here..

It should work a lot better.
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Please share the code used, maybe its in the SW.

Rob Tillaart

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My SCP1000 works fine (incredibly sensitive, can 'measure' altitude to 20cm or something like that) - you need to show us the code to work out what's going wrong.
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Just a quick thought - you have read all 19 bits of pressure? address 0x1F reads the top 3 bits, 0x20 the bottom 16 bits.
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