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Topic: Using the duemilanove to run a max7219 led display decoder for clock project. (Read 838 times) previous topic - next topic


I have a duemilanove, and a MAX7219 LED display decoder/driver which can run LEDmatrix, and 7 seg displays up to 8 digits. I'm trying out the 7seg. mode to build a clock. I have the "LedControl.h"  library installed in my IDE and can import it like the libraries that came with the IDE (I'm running Arduino IDE 0021), but now I'm stump, I need to write a sketch for arduino to run the display. I've been able to find example sketches for this, but need one that will tell max7219 to display 12 hour time, and/ or 24 hour time. either one will do.
there will be no alarm function in this project, for now. I'm not very fluent with the code or syntax yet, so if my fellow forum members can help...even if its only with a small portion of the code that I can tweet into shape, and compile a working sketch. I'd very much appreciate it. my knowledge of the code is currently limited to modifying blink.(blink is very simple) but this project is way more complex. I'm learning the code as we speak, but I need help putting this together. I'm probably biting off more then I can chew, but I'm trying this anyway. my "Moto" is "IF YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW TO DO SOMETHING, THEN JUMP IN WITH BOTH FEET, AND DO IT."

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