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Gy_955 and BNO055 have the same German IC but different modules so Gy_955 has different Libraries, Running commands & Arduino code. Here I will explain How to run Gy_955 by Arduino IDE.

1. Connect GND, S1 and SR pins together.

2. Open IDE>> sketch >> including library >> manage library, in the Library Manager window, in the search blank type BNO055, after that click install for "BNO055 by ROBERT BOSCH GMBH" library.

3. Install Notepad++ on your pc.

4. File explorer>> Documents >> Arduino >> libraries>> BNO055 >> BNO055.h (open it with Notepad++), go to line 84, and change "#define BNO055_I2C_ADDR      BNO055_I2C_ADDR1" to "#define BNO055_I2C_ADDR    BNO055_I2C_ADDR2" and save it.

5. Open IDE>> File >> Examples >> INCOMPATIBLE >> BNO055>> Euler_Streaming (will report roll, pitch and yaw degrees)

6. Enjoy it!!! it is very stable and exact (0.01 degree exactness).


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6. Enjoy it!!! it is very stable and exact (0.01 degree exactness).
Extremely unlikely. Many people have given up on the BNO055, because the firmware performs so poorly. The calibration routines are very primitive, and hardly work at all. At best yaw angles are repeatable to about +/- 5 degrees.

See this page and this long discussion. The BNO080 is reported to work a bit better, but still has a long way to go.

I recommend RTImulib with Pololu's Altimu10 or Altimu9 instead.


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I used this sensor with this code. It reports roll, pitch and yaw exactly good and without noise.


Aug 10, 2018, 10:00 pm Last Edit: Aug 10, 2018, 10:01 pm by jremington
Please prove the "exactness", after reading the articles I linked.

Many other people would be interested if you can demonstrate accurate results. But I will bet that you can't.


Yes, I can show it. Do I send a clip about its exactness?


No clips, just post the results, and all the important details about how you calibrated the sensor and determined the accuracy of the angles.

For your report, you could follow this outline, for example.


Yes, I will do that. But with respect I mention that BNO055 Adafruit libraries and GY_955 Libraries, and calibration are different. So maybe the library codes of GY-955 caused more accuracy. Also maybe module of GY_955 caused more stability by filtering current noises and instabilities.


Thank you my friend. You are the only one on the internet who shares this information clearly.


You're welcom. I have used this IMU and Arduino Mega for my big quadrotor and it flies very clean. It is a great sensor for degress in range -90 to 90.

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