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Mar 24, 2011, 08:54 am Last Edit: Mar 24, 2011, 09:03 am by ben10 Reason: 1
Hi guys,

I was trying to work on a two pin configuration using L298n by following a schematic from this source:


However, whenever I try this two pin setup my motor just barely moves in fact it doesn't move the shaft but I can hear the motor trying to move. I tried the four pin configuration using L298n and my motor happily moves. Has anybody tried a two pin configuration using L298n if yes can you shed some light of what I might be missing to make this work?

Thanks in advance.  


You need to check that the 2 to 4 pin conversion circuit is actually working - each transistor should be inverting the logic signal it gets on its base - use multimeter.  Check all the connections too.
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Thanks MarkT for the tip I finally got it working however the weird thing is that it's a bit buggy the motor will run and turn it's shaft as expected but later on it seems to get chocked up meaning the shaft begins to barely move and I can see that the motor is trying to move the shaft. There seems to be allot of noise on the signal what could be the fix to this? Thanks again.


Adding decoupling to Vss and Vdd seems to work =)


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Decoupling is never optional ;)

Yeah, well as you can see from the original schematic it uses decoupling but it seems not enough to filter the noise, I added capacitors based on decoupling best practices that seems to do the trick! Now I'm learning =) thanks allot!!



You might have to use inductors as well as capacitors, see:-

Thanks for the help guys really appreciate it!

@Mike yeah was reading through your articles regarding de-coupling and it sure helped allot!!

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