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What change would I like to see?

Loading to arduino split into 2 steps.
Step 1 would compile (a bit like the verify, but would save the resulting files) and step 2 would load to the chip. (if no verified compiled version of the sketch exist it would compile one and load it to the chip. But one exist it would not re-compile but load the existing verified one.)

When loading big sketches on multiple chips, it take a while to compile and the load to the chip. If there is no changes to the sketch....why re-compile it every time?

Another benefit is that users wanting to load sketches whit something else then the IDE would be able to easily create compile files to a permanent and known location.


If you hold the shift key when uploading the file you see the commands pass by. The compile commands and the upload command : AVRDUDE  .... with a lot of options.

You can make a small .bat file that does just this last step.
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