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Well, since I never did track down "deif", I put the code originally posted on the forum into discrete files
and put them up on Google Code..  Enjoy all!


TINY lib that performs a tight 8-bit integer FFT, suitable for color organs and the like... I used it for
my spectrum analyzer with video output...

When the testing is complete there will be... cake.


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This is maybe even cooler you think, as such a libray could allow receiving SMSs on Arduino using a good old Nokia phone! Quite cheaper than the cheapest GSM shield!
Which are its performance? I.e., which frequencies can it detect, and how long does it take to perform analysis?
Cna it detect if one single "main" frequency is present (e.g. 440 Hz)?


how hard would it be to use this in a real time audio effect? or to create a sketch which read incoming analog values and using the library, could split the frequencies into multiple outputs?

i have never had the chance to use FFT but i have read about it. i just wonder what you can actually do with it!


Great contribution, Focalist!  Thanks for sharing it.  I'm sure I'll use it in some project soon.


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