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What do I order and from where?
My search on diode selection turned up a lot of discussions on projects with vastly different requirements.

So, I want to try reading in multiple RC receiver channels on one pin.
I saw somewhere that using diodes, I can take the odd number channels and put then on one pin and read the pulse duration, and the gaps between pulse being the duration of the even channels.
What diodes should I get for this?
I must say that I do not even know what characteristics describe diodes.

I went to Digikey and searched on diode and there were a zillion hits.

This is a simple diagram of what I am thinking.

So, any recommendations on diodes and I guess the resistor would be helpful.


That is a super non-critical diode application. Nearly any silicon diode would work. A 1N4001 should be easy to find although one certainly doesn't require the 1 amp rating they come with, but they are useful to have around. A 10k ohm resistor should work fine also.



99% of all people use in 99% of all cases a 1n4148 or a 1n4004.

The issue is that the leads of the 4148 are too thin and of the 4004 (1 ampere!) too thick for the use in a breadboard :-)


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99% of all people use in 99% of all cases a 1n4148 or a 1n4004.

Yea. and 50% of baseball is 90% mental.  ;)

And the remaining of us 1% use what we have on hand that will work.



Go to Radio Shack and get the 50 pack of small signal diodes for $2.49 and start testing.
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Yea. and 50% of baseball is 90% mental.

Did you know that 83.296% of all statistics are made up?


Did you know that 83.296% of all statistics are made up?

I am 99.173% sure about that :)


7/5th of all people do not understand fractions! :-?


10 kinds of people in the world
Those who understand binary and those who don't



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If only dead people understand hexadecimal, how many people understand hexadecimal?

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how many people understand hexadecimal?

Anyone that can count to 16 on one hand... :)
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Back to the topic:
How many people understand tunnel diodes?


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Many mathmaticians get halloween and christmas confused.

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