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Hi friends, I have a samsung tablet without a sim card. I made a count in tinkercad to simulate but the site has very slow when for example I chose arduino gold .... it takes a lot of time
there is a solution or application thanks in advance


You'd be better off asking at a forum dedicated to tinkercad - I browse and post on these forums, euhm, a lot - and have never seen anyone else mention it, so I don't think we have many tinkercad users here. You may be out of luck though, particularly if the tablet in question is android-based (and/or old) - the android tablets just don't have the processing power of a real computer.

Also - when posting a thread, choose a title of the thread that provides information on the problem, so that people who are familar with the subject know that the question is something they can help with (ex, "tinkercad slow on samsung tablet" for this issue).
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