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We are porting our BASIC language compiler and hardware environment to the Arduino Zero.

These BASIC programs are fully compiled, not interpreted, and thus as fast or faster than C code.

The unit is fully USB enabled and capable of running standalone.

For general back ground see https://www.coridium.us


I'd be interested in meaningful benchmarks
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I have some simple benchmarks. Now way exhaustive, but a tip the toe in the water.  Will try to get them running as a Sketch.

Code: [Select]
dim x as single            ' simple Float test
while x>1
i=i+1   ' the default integer in ARM BASIC is 32 bit signed


Code: [Select]
i=1000000  ' default integer 32 bits -- simple integer test
while i

And some results --

  • SAMD21       float- 1887 msec   integer- 310 msec
  • Teensy 3.2    float- 795 msec     integer-  276 msec

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