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its the sparkfun's GLCD


i have check the conections

i tried to change pin14 to A0 and 15 to A1 etc

but then its not compile

thanks a lot


I'm wondering if you can give a little help to an issue that isn't part of the official package. I'm trying to run the LCD via a shift register in order to free up some pins that I will need, following the instructions on this post. As you know, a lot of the codebase has changed, as well as some of the general layout, and as a result, these code changes don't work perfectly. In order to account for the layout changes this is in the glcd.cpp file.

The main problem I'm encountering is with the last piece of code in that post, the lcdDataShiftOut function. When compiling using the ks0108:: prefix, I get the error that ks0108 hasn't been declared, which is to be expected. When I run it with the glcd:: prefix, I get the error "no member function declared in class 'glcd'". When running without either prefix, it gives errors that FastWriteLow and FastWriteHigh weren't declared in that 'scope'. The problem is, I'm not sure where or how to declare them. Can anyone offer some advice for this? Thanks.


i found it

just a broken wire


this code


creates a vertical line not a horizontal

so it is GLCD.DrawLine(X0,Y0,Y1,X1);


This may be a really silly question. Is there a document that shows all the commands for these glcd screens? Or do you just have to pick apart the examples. IV got my screen working but im having trouble getting complex functions to materialize.

Thanks, swiffty

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