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Hi all,

I am generating a DC signal in LabVIEW and inputting it into an analog input pin on my Arduino. I am using AnalogRead, reading 1 value every 100 ms. The values that Arduino is receiving (when converted back to volts) are not consistent with the signal that I am outputting from LabVIEW. Thus far, it is difficult to tell where the problem is (Arduino or LabVIEW). Is there something obvious I am missing? Has anyone tried this type of setup before?

Thanks in advance!


We need more information about the hardware setup.
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Have you established a common ground connection between the two systems?

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Electrical noise would be a classic cause of problems like this but as others said more information is required to solve the problem.  Are you running the wires a long distance?  Are the wires twisted pair? Shielded?  etc..

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