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Not as good. Mouse wheels have a 'click' when you rotate them. It's part of their 'feel'. It's really just a spring clicking into slots on the inside of the wheel, but it's an iconic part of the interface.

Sure, you could just use an encoder wheel... or a pot... or a button. but that wouldn't deliver the user interface experience of a mouse wheel.

In the context of a car's user interface, where you just want to reach over there and click it while barely looking...a mouse wheel click would be damn cool.

You could probably find rotary encoders for sale that have the click built into them, no?

Although the mouse idea may be the cheapest/easiest way to go about it. The encoder might just look more awesome.


The click is generated by a wiper against the inside of the wheel that resembles a gear. But I found this link that will be helpful using a mouse scroll wheel.


Only problem I see in using the mouse wheel is mounting in a custom panel.. Unless the intent is to just use the entire mouse


You could probably find rotary encoders for sale that have the click built into them, no?

I did find a clicking encoder at Spark fun much easier to implement in a custom panel really



Ok I got the 'hello world' to work last night. When I upload the sketch it works just fine when I'm finished disconnect the USB and then re-attach the USB I hit the reset button and everything works fine. Am I missing something?

now I'm working on displaying Bar graphs in relation to a voltage on analog X. I'm going blind searching through this bag of parts looking to a 100k pot I may just go to the shack and get one and be done with it.

I'm also on the hunt for a rotary encoder that will work in my situation.

Once this is established i've got to order the actual VFD I'm going to use and some other parts

Hopfully I can find a place that has the VFD and some parts need all in one place.


I'm subscribing to this topic, as it is similar (modern .5~4.5V sensors vs. resistance ones, except for fuel level) to what I want to do on my bike. I have a thread here for that project.

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