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to make a complete Arduino-based command station.

Pretty neat :)

Don Goodman-Wilson

That explains alot, with the booster hooked up to pin 11 it's working perfectly!

Excellent! Glad to hear it! I'll merge the branches later today.

The Mega has a different pinout for the internal timers, which necessitates using a different pin for the signal output. I clearly need to better document this fact!

Do let me know if any other issues crop up, or if there's a feature you'd like to see added, and keep us abreast of the fun things you do with CmdrArduino!


You asked for more issues, and I think I have one...

CV programming, using the latest version I can't program anything, however if I use the old version from January I can program CV2 and above, programming the short address CV doesn't have any effect..

I've tried this on 2 decoder with the same effect, using the Hornby Select I can program the address, but for some reason it re-programs lots of unrelated CVs, which is annoying...

Don Goodman-Wilson

THat's no good! I'll have a look a bit later to see what's changed.

You can't program an address in ops mode, in general. I don't know if that's in the NMRA specs or not, but my Digitrax Zephyr won't do it either. So that, at least, is not a bug :D But the other things are. Do you think there is a pattern to what's getting programmed?


The only thing I've noticed is while CV programming works fine in the old version of the library, if setSpeed128 etc. are called in the same loop as opsProgramCV it all seems to become very unreliable, only programming 10% of the time.

Need to do some more experiments to narrow it down yet i think.

As to the lack of address change is ops mode, thats not very useful, I guess service mode is needed.

Don Goodman-Wilson

Service mode is, unfortunately, another can of worms. Need sensitive current-detection hardware. A different project altogether. But on my plate!

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