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I've had a bit of a break from arduino (maybe a month or so, I think) and I had a brilliant idea for a project I've been mulling over for a while.  I've just ordered a GPRS playground shield, but could do with another arduino and ethernet shield.  

I can't remember where I bought stuff from before, where's cheap and British for arduino compatibles and shields?


I buy most of my stuff from hong kong sellers, cheaper than buying from the UK, and they don't mind helping you get things past the thieves at customs.


I'm FAR too impatient to order from Honk Kong!

After I posted I remembered I tend to use oomlout, earthshineelectronics, coolcomponents and skpang.  There's also the new bluesmokelabs.com

I've spent far too much today.


One thing to consider is that if there is a problem with a hong kong board, replacement may be difficult. My hong kong board has something wrong with the external power regulator,  so I just have to deal with it. If you buy in country, you probably could get things fixed easier.
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Good point zoomkat.  From that point of view bluesmokelabs is probably the best for that, it's run by thegeekway who is an active member here.

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Cool Components stocks Arduino boards and shields:

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I've just bought a GPRS playground shield from there.  Delivery was quick, but I they add VAT after you start the checkout process which I don't like at all.

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I've ordered from them a couple of times, but I didn't notice that. A lot of companies do it, such as RS and Farnell, but they mostly supply trade customers. Companies mainly supplying hobbyists tend to quote prices including VAT. I don't think there is any legislation about it for on-line buying, unlike retail sales and adverts.
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