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Topic: ENC28J60 Ethernet shield with POE & SD slot - IE shield v1.0 (Read 6009 times) previous topic - next topic


IE shield v1.0 is a Ethernet shield which use the ENC28J60 Etherent ship instead of the W5100 Ethernet chip. And it integrated the SD slot and may interface breakout.

This Ethernet shield support the POE function, you can use use the twisted-pair to power it and the Arduino board below, instead using the USB prower or external power jack supply. If your router or moden don't support POE, then you can use this cable to mix the signale and power for POE supply.

There is many interface breakout on board. There is a Ethernet SPI control interface on the board, which the same breakout as our ENC28J60 module.

And there are IIC and UART interface on board, some AD interface and GPIO interface.  Now you are very easy to make your Ethernet arduino project with variety existing sensor module. And we reserve an PWM/AD interface on board, you can use it as a PWE output and with some components it will be a sample DA ouput.

You can download the datasheet , schematic and some library in the product page here:

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