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Okay guys,
I just spent a few minutes fixing the old CMAKE templates so they'll work with Arduino 1.0+.
At the moment they only have a cmake file for Arduino MegaPro 2560, and Arduino UNO. All that is needed is to add your respective board in it's own cmake file.
The type of board can be found at:
And the MCU type, well, that i will leave you to figure out. ;) What's the fun in having all the answer?

Just add the bz2 template into:
to use it with KDevelop.
Happy hacking!

The template is attached to this post.


Here's a much more updated, and functional version supporting more arduino board types and offering a correct cmake file that will now reflect your app name on the script libarduino.cmake
This one i use personally for my projects already, "Make flash" kicks ass . :)

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