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DSO mobile is a pocket size digital storage oscilloscope fulfills basic electronic engineering requirements. It is base on ARM Cortex?-M3 compatible 32 bit platform, equipped with 320*240 color display, SD card capability, USB connection, and chargeable batteries. Weighs only 60g!

More details including final document and pre-order link will be available within this week.




cool, I want one. :)

What type of connector does it use for its probe?
Whats its max sample rate?


Cool look. What about the performances??


Any news on this yet? Specs, availability etc.?



Mike Mc

Are there any videos showing this in action?


A video will be available later.


No,i can't play MP3s...It'S A DSO~


Haha, I guess my sarcasm didn't come across.


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Yes, i looks like a PMP but that's the reason of it's low price. Saved some money on making the shell.


I'm not criticizing it. I think it's awesome and a clever idea. I just bought an oscilloscope, and I'm broke... but I'm still tempted to buy one of these!


A DSO with MP3 play function... Sounds crazy, but not a bad idea for Protable DSO~lol


Forgive me for going off topic a  bit, but, once again I will be showing my true colors (i.e. revealing that I'm a software person, and not an electronics-hardware person) by asking a simple question I can't wrap my head around.

Will someone please explain the functional difference between a digital scope and an analog one? Why can this digital scope cost so little, when it seems like even a low quality analog scope is a few hundred $$?


An analogue scope requires a CRT (Cathode Ray tube) with it's associated high voltage drivers and amplifiers. This cost money, is bulky and is not a very mass production item.

A digital scope just needs some A/D, a processor and some sort of display. All these items are small and cheap thanks to their components being used in consumer mass production items.


Do analog scopes have any advantages that justify the higher price?

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