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Anyone here was lucky enough to find a solution?
If not, I find this to be quite crazy that the Mega and processing simply do not perform well together and no one has addressed this problem  :0


I just bought my Mega 2560 from Radio Shack yesterday and was going thru the examples today and stumbled upon the Dimmer sample.  I downloaded Processing and played around with that for a bit and then went to run the Dimmer and came upon the same issue reported above.  I did some Googling and it seems to have been a common problem for at least a couple of years and no one seemed to find an answer.

Well, after an hour or so trying various things, I stumbled upon the answer. XD  I was messing around with the DOS MODE command and noticed the options for dtr=on|off|hs.  That got me thinking that maybe the issue is something to do with the handshaking.  So I looked thru the Processing folder and found Serial.java and inside it I noticed the function setDTR. 

So I went back to the Dimmer code and added port.setDTR(true); but it didn't work.  But then I remembered reading another post about adding a delay, so I added a 500ms delay before and after and voila!  It worked!

The funny thing is if I lower either delay from before or after the setDTR it doesn't work, so it seems it needs to be at least 500ms.  Here is my revised Dimmer code for Processing:
port = new Serial(this, "COM3", 9600); 

void draw() {
// draw a gradient from black to white
for (int i = 0; i < 256; i++) {
line(i, 0, i, 150);

// write the current X-position of the mouse to the serial port as
// a single byte

I hope this helps.

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