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In my new project I'm trying to get data from 10 different temperature sensors.

To do this job I would like to use just 1 analog in pin. I know that for this task I could use I2C or SPI protocol, but this is not my goal.

I was wondering if there is some kind of chip that acts like a switch, the hypothetical chip should have one output (connected to analog in pin) and the rest of the pins are connected to sensors reading their respective values (volts/current). A clock connected to the chip will cycle and activated each input pin (connected to the sensors) so da data is a passed to the analog in pin of the controller.

Is there a chip that can do this? If yes, where can I find? Otherwise please suggest a solution.
Is there any kind of solution for the inverse process, with just one pin out(analog or PWM) , control 10 leds or servos?



Yes, a 74HC4067 chip will do that. You need to connect 4 Arduino digital output pins to it (as well as the analog input pin), to tell it which of its 16 inputs to select.
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Or you could use the DS18B20 temperature sensor.
You need a single digital pin of the Arduino, one resistor of 4k7 and 10 of those sensors for less than 1 dollar per sensor. Search Ebay for "10pcs ds18b20".

The OneWire library is needed, an example for the DS18B20 is included, http://playground.arduino.cc/Learning/OneWire

The length of the cable is limited, I don't know at what distance the temperature sensors are.

It might not be your goal, but you won't get higher accuracy with analog sensors and a multiplexer and a analog input of the Arduino.


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