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I hear Arduino 1.0 is coming very soon - lets have a 'who wants what' so we can all be disappointed when things aren't included :D

I'd like it to show the serial port and board in dropdown selection boxes instead of it being hidden in a menu.
I'd like the icons to be updated a little bit to reflect the 'shiny new 1.0' - maybe the startup box too.

There are more but lets hear what others have to say...


Popular demand in some forums appears to be:
A module that let's you tell what you want to do and it gives you the code and what components you use.


Haha yeah - unfortunately that can't be done - that's why we have PaulS... :D


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Auto popup/down of the serial monitor seems to be popular.

Allowing some control over the compiler flags.

Remembering the size and position of the window (bloody hell every program I've written in the last 20 years has done that).

Line numbers.

Allow tab size setting.

Use tabs not spaces.

These are (or should be) simple things, no need to emulate Eclipse or Netbeans. Just make it a bit more usable.

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Yeah I like all of those.

Also - more file extensions allowed for tabbed files. Why can't I use .hpp or .hp or .cp? why only .h, .c, .cpp and .pde?

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