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I am new to both Midibox and Arduino,

however, haven done a little reading, I noticed that both platforms primarily use
C as its main programming language.

Although, Midibox can use ASM Assembly language as well, the MIDIbox experts advise that it is only necessary to use ASM if you require to squeeze out as much as possible in terms of bits etc.,
and programmers can usually do everything they need to by programming in C.

I also notice that C is the primary language used in Arduino,
therefore, I wondered if it would be possible to transfer and adapt all C code from Arduino libraries for use in Midibox projects and transfer all MIDIbox C code libraries for use in Arduino libraries.

If so, then perhaps it would be an idea to amalgamate C code written for MIDIbox with the Arduino Code Library, taking out any platform specific code within the code.
Surely this would expand the Arduino platform so that it could incorporate more MIDI based devices and applications.

I mention as I personally think that it would be more effective to centralise the library, and present it on the Arduino as it is much better logically organised, communicated and presented.

Sorry if I am wrong in my assumption. Sorry for wasting your time.


What is a Midibox?

C is a very popular language.  Nearly every (modern) computing environment and microprocessor has a C or C-variant complier.  Generally, you can transfer code between platforms.  It will depend on the code.
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