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Hi, I would like to program an Arduino to display numbers on 7 segment displays. I think the programming itself would be no problem as I know the basics of C++ . The only question I really don'T understand or know how to solve is, what data can Arduino work with, how does it have to be forwarded to the program for the Arduino how do I use it.

would be very cool if smne could help me!

cheers mrmaster


I don't know anyone called smne, but Hi!, I'm AWOL.

You could read the data from a sesnosr connected to:
1) An SPI or I2C connection
2) an analogue input (you've got at least 6 to choose from)
3) a byte-wide (or wider) digital port
4) A bit-wide digital port
5) a serial port
Or memory...or lots of things.

What did you have in mind?
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actually i wanted it to be connected to the computer all the time and then use data that comes directly out of a program called xplane - you can download a demo on their homepage. Actually I don't want to use an analog input as I don't know how to get  the data from it. I want to have Xplane running on my mac and then lets say if I switch to heading 145 on the computer send that 145 to arduino and let him show that on a 7segment consisting of 5 7 segments display


i know this is a very old thread but it may help others that are venturing into x-plane plugins/home cockpits (like myself, when i find appropriate time and space...):


hope it helps :)



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