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While trying out various LCDs a few weeks ago (I'm very keen on the output from my projects looking good!), I had purchased one (I think I got this one off ebay) that doesn't have a controller built in.
It's a 3.5" color TFT model (supposedly a nice one) from a Taiwanese company.
I understand I can buy an LCD with controller built in, but I want to learn, so might as well try to solve the problem with the one I bought.

I'm trying to understand what my options are in terms of solving the controller problem. Maybe someone with experience can comment...

(1) How simple is it to hook up a controller to my LCD panel and to my microcontroller?

(2) When buying, what do I look for to know whether a specific controller works with a specific TFT LCD panel and microcontroller?

(3) Any specific recommendations for a simple/well-documented controller for a TFT LCD, maybe one that people have already written libraries for?


Standalone controllers are hard to come by. You could try your luck with one of these:


Alternatively there are many ARM MCU's that have the power to directly drive a small TFT. For example the NXP LPC24xx have a built in TFT controller. You will need enough SRAM to store an entire frame, twice if you want to do flicker-free animation with double buffering.

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