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I'm trying to send a string containing some control characters via a NewSoftSerial port. A snippet of my code looks like this:

    bbPort.print ( "\000\000\000\000\000\001Z00\002A0\033 t" );
    bbPort.print ( "Date: " );
    bbPort.print ( "\004" );

I see the string "Date: ", a bunch of stuff after that, and I see the \004 come through on the serial port I'm connected to. But I see none of the characters from the first line. What have I neglected?

Thanks for any help!


You're not going to be able to send null (zero) characters by including them in a C-like string.  The \000 will be interpretted as the end-of-string by the print function.


maybe try single quote send them as char?
- bbPort.print ( '\000' ); 
- bbPort.print ( '\004' ); 

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<smacks forehead>

Thanks, guys! Working like a champ now.

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