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Are there existing dimensional specs out there for the various boards?

I'm planning a project which will involve laser-cutting some acrylic board enclosures, and I figured I'd see if there are existing dimensioned specs before I go and produce some myself.  In particular I'm planning an enclosure for a Arduino Nano which would have holes cut for the usb port and individual holes for the pins.


There are dimensional specs for the Uno and Mega:


Don't know about the other ones.

The Gadget Shield: accelerometer, RGB LED, IR transmit/receive, speaker, microphone, light sensor, potentiometer, pushbuttons


Here's one for the standard board.


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I believe you can get the info you need by opening the Eagle files here
There should be a .brd file that has the dimension info for the PWB and all the parts.
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I'd suggest you go with the official EAGLE files - there are a number of dimensioned files around but the EAGLE files are what the boards are made using so they are as good as you can get.

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