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I have 7 Atmega328 chips without the Bootloader on them. Whenever I try to load the bootloader onto them using the Arduino as ISP or the parallel programmer, I get the following error:

"avrdude: Expected signature for ATMEGA328P is 1E 95 0F
            Double check chip, or use -F to override this check."

Is this because I am using a Atmega328 and not Atmege328P? Is it possible to load the bootloader onto these chip or am I missing something?


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Is this because I am using a Atmega328 and not Atmege328P?

Probably.  First, make absolutely certain you have an ATmega328 and not an ATmega328P.  Printed on the top of the processor should be "ATMEGA328-PU".


It is an ATMEGA328-PU. Is there a way to bypass the check?


Are you trying to upload with the IDE or with avrdude?

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I've been trying with the IDE. I would try with avrdude, but I am not very familiar with it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Coding Badly

I was going to suggest making a simple modification to the "boards.txt" file.  But, the version of AVRDUDE I'm using does not include support for the 328-non-P processor.  I'm using a newer version (5.10) than the one that ships with the Arduino IDE.

So, you have a decision to make...

 ? Try to dash-Force the issue.  You will have to run AVRDUDE from the command-line.

 ? Try to find an AVRDUDE.CONF file that includes an entry for the 328-non-P processor.

 ? Add a 328-non-P entry to the AVRDUDE.CONF file.

Probably the least time consuming one is the last.  The risk is that the 328P and 328-non-P have important differences.  It is very unlikely that you will damage a processor but burning the bootloader may not work.


I went into avrdude.conf file and changed the signature for the device and it worked perfect!

Thank for the help!

The only strange issue I have now is sometimes the new chips run slower (i.e. delay(1000) delays for 11 secs instead of 1) and other times it doesn't. But they work!

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