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Which is consistent with what I see in Tools > Serial Port.  Granted, in the Mac System Preferences > Bluetooth, I've turned Bluetooth off altogether, so I'm not sure why even these two appear.  So is it possible that the PDA-Sync is interfering, and if so, how do I turn that process / connection off?

It is always on. IDK why.


And if you don't see anything on EITHER computer, it must be a problem with the atmega8u2 usb to serial converter.


bari_sax, check and reinstall the correct FTDI drivers and make sure they are unpacked not just downloaded, I have just run into that issue.


@baum: There definitely is some whitish-blue crustiness on one side of the ATmega8U2 (and a bit of white film elsewhere on the board).  Not the black carbon of a burnout, but it looks a bit suspicious, so I cleaned the area with some alcohol and will let it dry overnight and see if maybe it was just a temporary short.  Otherwise I guess it may be return time for this one.

@jrd210: I don't think reinstalling FTDI drivers is an option for the Uno, since it doesn't have an FTDI chip.  I suppose it may be possible to update the ATmega8U2 firmware (http://arduino.cc/en/Hacking/DFUProgramming8U2) (assuming that would help), but I have a feeling that this is a bit of a Catch-22 if I can't communicate with the Uno over USB.  Again, I could potentially hook up to it with my STK500, but I think at this point it may be less work to just replace the board unless someone has a better idea.


You could try following the DFU upgrade procedure.  It's possible that there's a problem with the USB-serial (CDC) part of the 8U2 firmware (that's used to upload sketches) but that the DFU bootloader on the 8U2 is still okay.  When you put the 8U2 in DFU mode, it's running other firmware and appearing to the computer as a different kind of device.  Worth trying at least.

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