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Topic: 20'000 ebay lipo battery real or fake? (Read 500 times) previous topic - next topic


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I ask your help for understand if these battery are real 20Ah or fake
I've bought 2x 20 000Ah li-ion battery from ebay and i want to discuss whit you the quality of the product, and if the data are correct.

these battery pack contain 3x lion cells (6,3 x 11,5mm) whitout any label, it comes whit a 1A 12.6V lion battery charger that draw 16w at the wall and get very hot.

no protection circuit board, only a switch and a led.
if the battery goes down to 9V it will burn ?
and if the voltage raises over 12.6 V ?

tank for your time.



Your photos will not work for me.
You have them stored at some place that requires me to log in before i can see them, if at all.
I'm not going to do that, logging in to this Arduino forum should suffice.
I've no doubt they will work perfectly for you or any user that logs in automatically at that place.

Not the smartest choice when asking questions.
Have a look at "blink without delay".
Did you connect the grounds ?
Je kunt hier ook in het Nederlands terecht: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/board,77.0.html


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I have purchased both the 12 volt 9600 mAh and the 20000 mAh of which I did dissect one of the 9600's. The battery packs that come with a switch do contain a protection board to protect the cells from over charging/discharging. I also know the boards work as I have inadvertently left projects on until the battery shut down and left chargers on for days with no ill effect. For the low cost they are reasonably suitable for my Arduino and Pi projects.

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