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Hello guys,
I wanted to share with you my latest project, which was born out of the necessecity for just start turn on/off LEDs or push buttons, for that i designed and had a prototype made of a shield.
The shield consists of 8 LEDs, 4 push buttons, 1 piezo and 1 ONE-WIRE device( in my case DS18s20).

I've written some code to test all the parts and the project is completly Open Source, you can find the software, schematics, pcb and parts list all in my website www.electropepper.org.
I used Eagle to make the designed and had the PCB done in oshpark, i also shared the design so you can just buy a PCB from them, http://oshpark.com/shared_projects/N7Fa2pk1 .
Like this :

Check the video:



Nice, but you really should have added a pot or two to allow simple projects using analog input pins.  ;)


Good sugestion retrolefty, a bit to late now  :P, maybe ill do another version  :D


Good sugestion retrolefty, a bit to late now   

I am shocked that you released a product without first clearing the design with RetroLefty .... XD
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Indeed i have yet, much to learn with almighty retrolefty    :smiley-red:

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