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I was thinking about using this motorhttp://unitedhobbies.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=14427&Product_Name=Turnigy_CA120-70_Brushless_Outrunner__%28100cc_eq%29 as a winch motor for big gliders. My problem is that i need an esc that can handle the current, and I also need to be able to run the motor both ways. In reverse I don't need full power though. Any suggestion how I can do this?


Hi there

If you by "big gliders" mean somthing like this:
the motor will not have enough power to launch.

We are using a rebuild Crysler V8 at around 350 cubic '' for wrench launce in my glider club. Not sure how many hp are left.



nope like 1/3 scale rc gliders...
So a bit smaller than fullsize gliders...



That seems an awfully nice motor to be doing a simply winching job.  Surely an electric scooter motor would be adequate - and a lot cheaper to buy.  Readily available with power/speed of 600watts/3000rpm.  And they only demand 12, 24 or 36 volts


600W is way to little...

Find a 14kw motor cheaper than 300usd, which is also physically small, then tell...

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