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I'm building an autonomous bot and I'd like to be able to control in manually in addition to it operating autonomously. I was thinking about using an Xbox (gen1) controller connected to an Arduino, decoding the controllers output, and sending it to the Arduino controlled bot via radio somehow. Would it be as simple as stripping the controller cable and making some sort of breakout board with which  to connect to the arduino? Any thoughts would be appreciated!



I don't know about the XBox, but Bill Porter has done a library for the PS2 controller (16 buttons & 2 joysticks on 4 Arduino pins).  I'm using this myself at the mo for a project I'm working on.


I would imagine some sort of similar library code would need to be written for XBox controllers, if it hasn't been made by somebody already.


The Xbox 1 controller uses the USB interface (Microsoft just used a proprietary connector). There are tutorials on the web about how to cut the cable off and replace it with a USB plug. I'm not sure where you would go from there. There are ways to hook up a USB keyboard to the Aduino, but I think you would need a special library to get the controller working.


Thank you both for your replies! Seems like I'm going to be going with the PS2 option, seeing as there's a library already written. Many thanks for the link!

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