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Do you create custom boards for the arduino community?


Do you create custom boards for the arduino community?
Who is the "you" to whom you refer?
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He probably thought us including you.  8)

I don't know if it is for "the arduino community". There are a few people which made custom Arduinos, also me (see my signature) and other users: CrossRoads, DrAzzy, hansibull... Am I correct?
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My apologies for asking in the wrong forum. If I am understanding the parables well or riddles if you prefer. I will rephrase, can someone help me with a direct link where I can ask the arduino community about getting an arduino based mix combination custom made instead of piecing a bunch of different ones. I would like to down size the amount of wires. Thank you.


There is a section of the forum where you can offer paid work to the forum members (AKA a "gig"):
If you post there and provide sufficient detail I think you will quickly be contacted by someone who will be willing to do this for you at a reasonable price.



PALADIN's post in the Gigs and Collaborations section:


And ... there are companies out there that sell Arduino based products with other "bits" included - gps, internet and so on.

Itead is one company, Moteino, another, there are others .

You could design and get built your own custom board with Arduino etc plugged into it .

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