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Hi all,

I have ordered a Uno, rtc and LCD display so I can get on with my project.

Once I get it all up and running I am thinking about how I would set it up

as a permanent unit ( might use one of the simpler boards for this ).

As a standalone unit I would either add a keypad or use a PS2 keyboard.

Anyone got ideas on how I could make a decent looking job of putting

it all in a case - LCD, keypad etc? I am in the U.K



When I make an Arduino project permanent, I generally take the microcontroller off the Arduino board and put it on stripboard with a crystal. Its really not that hard. I do this in 2 steps, first putting everything on breadboard and then transferring the breadboard to stripboard when I know everything is woking.

I'm not the tidiest person when it comes to boxing, but I tend to use an ABS box and cut the holes using a Dremmel-type circular cutter at low speed to stop the plastic melting too much.
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Some uses lunch boxes or cardboard boxes. I've used cardboard boxes, acrylic face plates, and better ones.

Here is my little journey FYI:

Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter

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