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Keep I.T. Easy is delighted to announce that Flowol 4 now supports the Ardunio microcontrollers.

Flowol 4 can now connect to the Ardunio in real-time to run flowcharts on the computer as well as compile and download flowcharts to run remotely on the Arduino.

Flowol 4 supports the Arduino Uno and the Arduino Duemilanove (with either the ATmega328p or 168 microcontrollers). There are also many Arduino-compatible boards made by other companies which are also supported.

Flowol supports a variety of digital and analog I/O devices with the Arduino. In particular, pins 4/5 and 6/7 can be configured to support bi-directional motors. This supports the DFRobot Motor Shield and the DFRobot RoMeo board.

For a short video showing how easy it is to connect Flowol with the Arduino see: http://www.flowol.com/InterfaceArduino.aspx

About Flowol
Flowol is a popular choice for teaching control systems and robotics in Primary and Secondary Schools across the country and around the world.  Flowol's visual flowchart based programming allows students to easily develop their logical reasoning and problem solving talents.

Flowol supports a wide range of control interfaces (control boxes and microcontrollers).  Flowol also includes on-screen simulations (mimics) which introduce programming concepts in manageable steps.  Flowol 4 includes 14 mimics, some with 3D animated graphics.  Add-on mimic packs are also available.

Flowol 4 was released in September 2010 for Windows PC and the Apple Mac.

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