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I'm doing the schematic of a board where i'm going to connect Arduino with some sensors and with other development systems. My question is, is it possible to use Arduino as a component in Eagle or in Altium? I don't need to see what is inside my Arduino Board (Arduino Mega 2560), i just want to use the layout to access the connection pins.

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The Arduino schematics and Eagle files are published (http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Hardware).

It sounds like what you should be designing is a shield that plugs into the Arduino.
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Thanks for your answer. I've been working with the eagle files that are available in the Arduino site and they are really great. But as you have mentioned, a shield that plugs-in into Arduino will be a great solution. Do you know any existing libraries with that? I've seen the Adafruit libreries, but the Arduino Mega is not included in them. If there is no library, i will have to create it from the scratch.

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