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Just looking for help to find the easiest and cheapest solution.
I am trying to create small sound playing system that plays sound on motion detection.

I need speaker on the wall that plays prerecorded human talking  when someone passes by. There will be 5 speakers with sensors, every one playing different sound.

I was wondering, is there a way to connect 5 motion detection sensors to arduino, and when, for example sensor nr.1 is activated, arduino activates (turns on) sound speaker nr.1, and turns off all other speakers?

Any ideas? I'm quite new with speakers and Arduino.


It should be possible. You will need a wave shield, and an analogue multiplexer, then five amplifiers and speakers.
What makes it possible is that you only need one sound at a time. That is produced by the wave shield and switched to the appropriate amplifier through the multiplexer. What sort of sensors do you have?


If the sound doesn't have to start from the beginning every time it's triggered, you could use relays connected in series to each of the speakers, then trigger them on and off as needed.
Ofthe audio has to start as someone walks into the zone, then you may want tolook at the wave shield option posted above.


Yes, the sound is played continuously, i just need to turn on or off speakers. I saw on the web already that I can connect speakers and relays, but I don't know what kind of relays i need. Can you help me with advise?


but I don't know what kind of relays i need

Any sort of relays will work. However you might get clicks as you switch over.

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