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See http://www.arrizza.com/cgi-bin/pub?ArduinoHowTo  to set up a development environment for:
  - Ubuntu 10.04
  - Eclipse
  - Arduino DueMileNove

It shows how to:
  - install Java for eclipse
  - install Eclipse
  - install AVR toolchain
  - install and configure AVR eclipse plugin
  - create a reusable Arduino Core library
  - create a sample Arduino project (blink the LED)
  - upload from eclipse into the Arduino
  - how to clone an Arduino Project from the command line
  - sample project to interface to a Hall Effect sensor
  - sample project to interface to the ATS-1 2x16 line LCD (http://www.unifiedmicro.com/ats1-arduino-shield.html)
  - create a reusable ATS-1 interface library
  - sample project to configure PWM (Mode 1, pin 9)
  - how to calculate PWM frequency for 8-bit Phase Correct PWM Mode including a list of on/off times for PWM settings for OCR1A values from 1-254

Most of this information is on this forum, on the arduino wiki, on other sites I've looked at from google and from books I have at home. It started out as a just a few notes for myself, but now might be useful for other people... YMMV.



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I would have needed this a month ago ^^ but thanks anyway. but do you have some notes about how to use the Ethernet Shield with Eclipse?


Sorry, haven't gotten to that yet.

OTOH, my guess is that if there is software for the Arduino IDE for the Ethernet shield, then you can add it in to eclipse like I've done for the core software.

If you're having problems interfacing to that shield it's most likely that there's some issues with the shield itself or the software provided for it and moving to eclipse won't help you at all.


it works fine with the Arduino IDE, just troubles me with Eclipse :(

I'll look into what you have done and let you know how far I've come.

But have fun with Eclipse and Arduino :) It's much more comfortable to write in Eclipse as in the Arduino IDE

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