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I would love to start a section on the POP-BOT since I am getting my kit this week! :D

I have heard both good  :) and bad  :0 things about it and I was wondering if anyone is using it with the -0022 version of the Arduino software?
Does it work better? (I am running Windows 7 64 bit and had a Duemilanove board at one time that worked fine with -0022. I know the POP-BOT is based on the ATmega 168.)

Planning on going further, I also have a SparkFun USB ISP Pocket Programmer on order too and want to try alternative languages (C++, Basic, Pascal, Forth, etc.) Getting the little 'bot built and running with Arduino "sketches" will be the first thing I want to do. (I need to get the ISP programmer up and running smoothly with 64 bit Windows, which I am told can be fun...)

I am already interested in putting a better processor (primarily for more memory) and I have some ideas how that can be done, (but it won't be pretty! :smiley-mr-green:)

My other interests for the little 'bot include advanced AI, neural networks, multitasking and more.

Anyway, AWESOME Forums, AWESOME Arduino and I am very happy to be here! :)


I had to say I got the kit this morning and it is already built and running Arduino-0022!

2 very minor glitches with the kit. The holes in the LCD board were a bit small for the screws, but I did a tiny reaming with sharp scissors (imagine using a real drill bit :P) and that was one fix. The wires on my "A" (left) motor are reversed at the motor, but the easy fix was reversing the connector at the control board and no soldering was needed.

It came with Arduino-0017 but upgrading to Arduino-0022 was just copying over some POP-BOT and POP-168 files. (Arduino-0017 actually ran under Windows 7 64 bit!) I like the Arduino more and more!  :)

Other than that, this was one smooth build (and there is even a printed manual with the CD! Sorry to the trees, but I miss the old paper manuals.)

I get no kick-back from "inex", but I DO highly recommend this kit! I hope someone else buys one so we can have some conversation about programming and expanding this powerful little 'bot!  :)


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