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Hi, im trying to get my project to work with multiple LDR's, i can get it working with one from the information from http://www.ladyada.net/learn/sensors/cds.html but m having trouble getting it to work with multiple ones (i need it with 5). I have modified the code so it is now

/* Photocell simple testing sketch.

Connect one end of the photocell to 5V, the other end to Analog 0.
Then connect one end of a 10K resistor from Analog 0 to ground

For more information see www.ladyada.net/learn/sensors/cds.html */

int photocellPin0 = 0; // the cell and 10K pulldown are connected to a0
int photocellPin1 = 1; // the cell and 10K pulldown are connected to a1
int photocellPin2 = 2; // the cell and 10K pulldown are connected to a2
int photocellPin3 = 3; // the cell and 10K pulldown are connected to a3
int photocellPin4 = 4; // the cell and 10K pulldown are connected to a4
int photocellPin5 = 5; // the cell and 10K pulldown are connected to a5
int photocellReading;     // the analog reading from the analog resistor divider

void setup(void) {
  // We'll send debugging information via the Serial monitor

void loop(void) {
  photocellReading = analogRead(photocellPin0);
  photocellReading = analogRead(photocellPin1);
  photocellReading = analogRead(photocellPin2); 
  photocellReading = analogRead(photocellPin3);
  photocellReading = analogRead(photocellPin4);
  photocellReading = analogRead(photocellPin5);

  Serial.print("Analog reading = ");
  Serial.print(photocellReading);     // the raw analog reading

  // We'll have a few threshholds, qualitatively determined
  if (photocellReading < 10) {
    Serial.println(" - Dark");
  } else if (photocellReading < 200) {
    Serial.println(" - Dim");
  } else if (photocellReading < 500) {
    Serial.println(" - Light");
  } else if (photocellReading < 800) {
    Serial.println(" - Bright");
  } else {
    Serial.println(" - Very bright");
This compiles fine but im not sure how to set up the components on the breadboard...any suggestions? Thanks!


You are overwriting photocellReading 5 times!  Only the sixth call to analogRead() is being used later in the loop() function.

A suggestion:  look up about arrays and indexing.
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What is it that you want to achieve with 6 sensors? If you can tell us this, we can help you with code that will do it.  You showed us what you did. We just don't know what you want to do.
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