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I know this topic has been posted on several locations, but I have been unable to locate a definite answer.
What I have is an Arduino Nano v.3 hooked up to an XBee Series 2 via a Sparkfun.com Xbee Explorer.
Now, the question is: Is it possible to upload sketches wirelessly with this configuration?

I know the ladyada tutorial specifically mentions that you can NOT upload sketches with an XBee series 2, however I have used http://www.faludi.com/itp_coursework/meshnetworking/XBee/XBee_program_Arduino_wireless.html.
Resetting the Arduino works like a charm....
...however, uploading a new sketch does not work.
I use an XBee explorer attached to my pc to upload to an Nano with XBee. It seems however the XBee is not transmitting anything when I am uploading the sketch (LEDs on the board do not blink).

What could be the issues I have to take into account:
- baud rate of the Xbee Devices; I have tried 57600, 19200, 9600
- time of resetting; I have tried to manually reset at several intervals, didn't seem to work.

Anyone with some wise words?

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