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Nov 08, 2018, 01:53 pm Last Edit: Nov 08, 2018, 01:54 pm by msaborido

First of all, sorry if my grammar is bad, or I make errors typing. I will try to do it the best I can.

I am new in the forum and Arduino itself, I started a few months ago building my first circuits and I´ve never had this problem before. I wanna try this sensor because is corrosion resistant and i live in a city with hight percentage of humidity in air so it´s easy to get corrosion in the standard humidity and temperature  sensors.

when I try to print the measures using the tutorial on this page :


i get this on the serial monitor:

⸮ !⸮%⸮5⸮⸮!R (1⸮ !⸮%⸮5⸮⸮!R (1⸮ !⸮%⸮5⸮⸮!R (1⸮ !⸮%⸮5⸮⸮!R (1⸮ !⸮%⸮5⸮⸮!R (1⸮ !⸮%⸮5⸮⸮!R (1⸮ !⸮%⸮5⸮⸮!R (1⸮ !⸮%⸮5⸮⸮!R (1⸮

I think my problem is the circuit on the breadboard, i can not figure out that i am doing wrong...

this is a picture of my breadboar

Thanks for reading!

Please help!


The good news is there are repeating patterns in the output.
The bad news is you've probably got a serial line speed mismatch.
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 In your code Serial.begin(38400) sets the baud rate you are using, you need to set the the baud rate in the serial monitor to the same rate. This is the number in the lower right hand side of the serial monitor window. This needs to be set to 38400.

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