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Hello there to evryone. Im new to arduino and actually now to electronics. I had a problem finding where to post this topic and i dicided to do it here.
Anyhow my question's are.
I've seen alot of Arduino Starter kit's on the internet i want to buy one. But i couldnt find it on the arduino website. If any1 can show me where can i buy it from and that doesnt require paypal. Cuz paypal blocked my country...But i have money bookers Ty to evryone bothering to read and help me with this best Regards



Which country?
On the Arduino site is a list of shops - http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Buy - you have to go through them to find one that can help you.
Rob Tillaart

Nederlandse sectie - http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/board,77.0.html -
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Sorry for that yea :(... Anyhow im from Macedonia... And yes Duemilanove kit is what i need. Ty for your replay's alot i appritiate it

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