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With the PSJailbreak reverse engineered could it be emulated with an arduino? It apparently uses an ATMega chip to emulate a 6 port USB hub.

People who reverse engineered:

http://translate.google.co.nz/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=http://www.gamefreax.de/psjailbreak-reverse-engineered.html&ei=5d92TOy0Nom2sAOh6cGgDQ&sa=X&oi=translate&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CBoQ7gEwAA&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dhttp://www.gamefreax.de/psjailbreak-reverse-engineered.html%26hl%3Den (translation)

Also, if it is possible, there is no way i could do this by myself being near useless at coding so anyone who wanted to help (or do it entirely  ;D) would be totally awesome!


Okay so there is now a log of the communication between the ps3 and the PSjailbreak.



Also, if it is possible, there is no way i could do this by myself being near useless at coding so anyone who wanted to help (or do it entirely  ) would be totally awesome!

Well if your willing to learn to code, there are lots of people to help around here. How many are just willing to write code so you can jailbreak? Not so many I suspect.



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As far as I know...It's currently not Illegal, but guess what?

This isnt software/consoles hacking group here, I am wrong?

Sony will probably patch the exploit soon and its pretty detectable- Possible ban? Warranty void? You bet.

Im interested to learn what it does and how, just for the purpose of learning, not actually doing it or distributing it.


the legality of it depends where you are

France okay, USA technically yes but the ink is still drying

but the basic ideas of it are going to be very hard with arduino, just due to its software overhead

not to mention you need to know "classified" information about the sony jig dongle, which if you copy it outright goes from jailbreaking to infringement


It uses a PIC, why the hell do they call it an atmega?

and in answer to your question, the PIC they used has onboard USB, arduino does not.


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A proof of concept has been published here:


The source is for the Teensy-board (http://www.pjrc.com/teensy).

I am not 'Arduino-competent' enough to say if it would work with an Arduino
but it would be interesting to know if it did.


This software is not intended to enable piracy, and such features have been disabled.

It isn't a proper reimplementation then, now is it.


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assuming there is a teensy arduino ide add-on


It may be done I suppose but all the LUFA usb code that I am not sure...

I wish I had the time to look into it and port it.



Is it possible to alter the library to work on the ATMega328 or ATMega1280? I've been trying to find out whether those chips emulate the USB in the hardware or it's all virtual. I tried using V-USB but it requires you to set a permanent USB Vendor ID.


Maybe rancidbacons projects involving USB and Arduino could help:



I read somewhere that this is not possible with the Atmega 328, 1280. It didn't say why, but according to the description, the usb device is supposed to simulate a HUB, which I dont think you can accomplish with 328 (or 1280) + FTDI chip.



someone has done.
check this thread http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1283424371

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