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The simplest way to do so would take the information that comes from potentiometers (analogRead between 0 and 1023) and send it immediately by nRF24L01, right.?

Yup.  Just pack it up into a payload and off you go.  Each payload can go up to 32 bytes, so plenty of space for most everything you'd want to send to control a robot, I'd imagine.

Spare yourself the hassle of working out all the registers, and use a library.  There is the mirf library on the playground.  I also wrote my own at http://maniacbug.github.com/RF24/ .  In any case, all of cpixip's advice is sound, though I wouldn't recommend sending each value separately.


hi, i am just started using nRF24L01,
i just want know can Arduino use this device communicated with pic16fXXX?
any one have the example?

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